Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

Scaffolding Shrink Wrap Solutions

Scaffolding Hire Sligo offers a shrink wrap and encapsulation service to protect structures and workers from harsh weather conditions. Encapsulation involves covering the entire structure to provide favourable working conditions for the duration of the project.

  • Scaffold shrink wrap is faster to install than conventional sheeting

  • Shrink wrap maintains a dry and windproof environment

  • Shrink wrap has effective heat retention properties

  • Repairs on shrink wrap can be completed easily

Why Shrink Wrap Your Scaffolding?

Robust weather protection

Shrink-wrapping is highly effective for applications where a high level of weather protection is required. Industrial shrink wrap is a durable and robust plastic film which creates a tight and tear-resistant covering over roofs, facades, and scaffold structures.

Environmental containment

Using shrink wrap for scaffolding allows for the encapsulation and environmental containment of a scaffolding structure. Containment activities could include asbestos removal, grit blasting, or industrial painting. This way, harmful substances are kept within the structure, keeping the environment safe.

Professional appearance

Shrink wrap can improve the appearance of a project.

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