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What is a cookie
A cookie is a small file stored on your computer or mobile device. Websites use cookies to store and retrieve information about users, which enables features that need to “remember” and track users. For example, cookies allow websites to remember what items are in your shopping cart, or whether you are logged in or logged out.

There are two types of cookie: session and persistent. A session cookie is deleted from your device when you leave the website. A persistent cookie has an expiry time, which can range from hours to years. A persistent cookie will remain on your computer until it is manually deleted, or it expires.

Cookies can come from two sources: first-party or third-party. A first-party cookie is a cookie set by the website you are visiting. A third-party cookie is included on the website you are visiting but comes from another domain.

Cookies on our website can be set up us or our partners.

How are cookies used on this website?
This website uses both session and persistent cookies, and both first-party and third-party

The purposes of cookies used on this website include:

  • Security – we use website security services to protect our site.
  • Embedded features – such as video and audio players from websites like YouTube.
  • Analytics – including Google Analytics to analyse and improve the performance of our website.

Third Party Cookies

We use third parties to provide various services. These third parties use cookies. They

Google (analytics, advertising, cloud storage)

Managing cookies
Your browser has tools to help you manage which cookies you accept or not. For example, you can choose not to accept any third-party cookies, or to filter cookies from specific domains.

You can read more about managing cookies in specific browsers here:

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